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The New Year starts in September

ImageI’ve always loved September.  Back to school, everything is new–clothes, shoes, school supplies, teachers, classes, friends.  The change of weather, the beautiful colors of late summer, and the smell of autumn on the way have always exhilarated me.  Even though I am no longer a school student, I still get excited for each new academic year.

After homeschooling my children from Kindergarten to middle school, I enrolled them in public and private schools.  My first born is now 20 and making her way in the world.  My two oldest sons are enrolled in the public high school, a senior and a sophomore.  My two middle school sons are back home with me.  We will be embarking on a homeschooling adventure for the next nine months.  This blog will chronicle our experience.

To be perfectly frank, my middle school sons are not thrilled with the prospect of returning to homeschooling.  My 8th grader had a wonderful experience at a private Catholic school for his 7th grade year and was hoping to return.  My sixth grader was slated to join him there.  Unfortunately, the Obama economy has slammed the door shut on that plan and his regime’s Common Core Curriculum has prevented me from sending my little lambs back to the public middle school.  (Right off the bat, you know where I stand politically.)

Having spent most of the month of August preparing my curriculum, or at least getting the ball rolling on the first quarter, I am ready to get this party started.  We will officially begin the day after Labor Day.  My high school students went back yesterday.  It is important to get them off to a good start too. 

Homeschooling has come a long way in the last 30 years.  What a thrill it is to be a part of such a momentous movement.  While many of our rights and freedoms seem to be slipping away, educating our children is still within our purview.  To all the parents who exercise this privilege, you have my utmost respect.  You inspire and encourage me with your struggles and successes. 

Let the learning begin!